When place orders for towers it is necessary to state the required number of a certain type of towers, their height, as also to required number of cross-arms.

Cross-arms are defined by a specific type of tower, by the head type and arrangement of conductors suspension on the tower.


For the transmission line route with suspension insulator strings, hanged over hinges, type of the head J21 and J22, towers type NAL2 – 5 pieces and ZAE2 in the function of suspension tower – 1 pc., and the tension towers, head type D21 and D22, tower type ZAJ2 – 2 pcs., and head type J21, tower ZAE2 – 1 pc., it is necessary to place the following order:

tower NAL2 – 13, 3 pcs.
tower NAL2 – 15, 2 pcs.
tower ZAE2 – 17, 2 pcs.
tower ZAJ2 – 11, 2 pcs.

Cross-arms for suspension of conductors over hinges:

  • NAL2:
    • J2 – 10 pcs.
    • J3 – 5 pcs.
  • ZAE2:
    • J2 – 2 pcs.
    • J3 – 1 pc.

Cross-arms for tension of conductors over hinges:

  • ZAJ2:
    • TOP – 2 psc.
    • D2 – 2 psc.
    • G3 – 1 pc. (tap-off)
  • ZAE2:
    • J2 – 2 pcs.
    • J3 – 1 pc.

For the structure (cross-arm, application of stays or props, auxiliary equipment girder) that is not covered by the catalogue, it is necessary to deliver the request accompanied with relevant technical documentation, i.e. description based on which it is possible to make a proposal and prepare an offer for the elements required.
The standard corrosion protection of the structures is performed by hot dip galvanizing for normal atmospheric conditions. Still it is also possible to deliver structures without corrosion protection or with additional protection (painted), and this is necessary to be clearly stated when placing your order.
When taking over the structure, the client is delivered the building blueprints and documentation proving the quality of the material, structure and corrosion protection of both the installed elements and of the structure as whole, according to the static calculation of the tower.