Renewable energy sources

Dalekovod Projekt d.o.o. has been engaged in development projects focusing on renewable energy sources and in this respect it may in cooperation with a network of advisors, experts, companies, faculties,institutes and sub-contractors in construction and erection, offer specific services in projects regardingwind power plants, solar power plants, projects relating to using biomass and small hydro power plants:

I. Advisory services and negotiations about contracting placements of electricity and compliance with new legal regulations

  • economic, financial and legal advices
  • mediation in agreeing on sales agreements for electricity and agreements of using the network infrastructure
  • advising services in contacts with Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency (HERA) an independent operator of the system and market and all other institutions relevant for the preparation of construction, construction and operation of energy supply facilities

II. Services in preparation of construction

  • advisory services in the field of selection of optimum locations for the construction of wind power plants, solar power plants, biomass operated plants, small hydro power plants
  • evaluation of wind potential in the area of interest for the construction of wind power plants
  • pre-feasibility and feasibility studies of possibilities of production of electricity, measurement and monitoring of wind potential at determined locations (for wind power plants)
  • a possibility of using local companies during the construction and during the operation
  • zoning and environmental conditions
  • technical evaluation of the connection of the power plant to the electrical grid
  • economic evaluation and project feasibility study in general

III. Administrative procedure of obtaining site development certificates

  1. preparation of topographic surveys with plane scales:
    • obtaining geodetic – cadastral documents
    • obtaining of deeds of title, land registry files etc.
    • preparation of special geodetic documents and conceptual designs
  2. preparation of the study of intended works in the area (for obtaining of site development certificates or adoption of detailed urban plan (DUP):
    • conceptual design for wind power plants, solar power plants etc.
    • conceptual design for substation
    • conceptual design for underground cable line
    • conceptual design for transmission line
  3. obtaining of special conditions and final obtaining of site development certificates

IV. Preparation of main projects

  1. preparation of geotechnical studies (geo-research works)
  2. preparation of main designs (Compliance, Electrical Installation and Architectural and Construction Designs):
    • main design for wind power plants, solar power plants etc.
    • main design for substation
    • main design for underground cable line
    • main design for transmission line
  3. validation of the existing standard designs

V. Administrative procedure of obtaining building permits

  1. resolving property-legal issues
  2. obtaining of consent for the project documentation
  3. obtaining and final building permits with full effect

VI. Administrative procedure of obtaining operating licences

  1. Organization of technical inspection
  2. Collection of the entire documentation and obtaining of the operating licences

VII. Works during the preparation and construction of wind power plants
(as required)

  • optimum selection and location of wind power plants within the windfarm microlocation
  • measurement of specific soil resistance and earthing resistance, calculation of the windfarm earthing system
  • preparation of the study of impact of energy supply cables on the telecommunication cables
  • selection of overvoltage and lightning protection etc.

VIII. Monitoring of the operation of the renewable energy source facilities

  • supervision and control of operation
  • maintenance of electric and technical equipment
  • control and improvement of efficiency
  • technical and technological advancement
  • transfer of technology to third legal entities