Projects announced

Solar power plants - Solar park "Žitnjak"

The solar park Žitnjak will be the presentation-like project that shows what Dalekovod Projekt d.o.o. can do in the area of renewable energy sources (solar energy).

The installation itself includes three products:

  1. solar power plant on metal structures with power of around 1.2 kW
  2. solar lighting tower (lighting tower with no low voltage installation)
  3. parking lot guard operated by solar energy (parking lot guard with a ramp operated by solar energy)

Dalekovod Projekt d.o.o. can offer:

  • production of steel carriers for photovoltaic modules
  • professional supervision during construction
  • validation of the existing projects
  • execution of all civil engineering and electrical installation works
  • obtaining of all required permits
  • a possibility of initiation of own production of photovoltaic modules

Dalekovod d.d. is preparing projects relating to solar photovoltaic electric power plants up to 1 MW.

Small hydro power plants

Dalekovod Projekt d.o.o. may offer "turn key" solutions for small hydro power plants up to 10 MW.

Projects relating to using biomass:

  • biomass thermal power plants
  • cogeneration plants

BIOMASS is defined as "biodegradable parts of products, waste or residues from agriculture, forest waste and related industrial waste and biodegradable parts of industrial and municipal waste".

Dalekovod Projekt d.o.o. and biomass

The development team within Dalekovod Projekt d.o.o. is actively developing new projects including biomass and its implementation, which primarily refers to thermal power plant for biomass and cogeneration plants. The designs for thermal power plant and cogeneration plant operated by biomass are being prepared.