Design activities include the elaboration of all types of designs for the following:

  • overhead distribution and transmission lines for all nominal voltages (up to and including 500 kV)
  • distribution and transmission of underground cable lines for all nominal voltages (up to and including 220 kV)
  • substations for all nominal voltages (up to and including 500 kV)
  • switchyards for all nominal voltages (up to and including 500 kV)
  • wind power plants, solar power plants and other renewable energy sources
  • lighting for road traffic, sports facilities and other buildings
  • steel structures and foundations for transmission lines
  • antenna masts
  • contact networks for the electrification of railway lines
  • electric traction substations
  • metal and other structures and foundations for electricity, signalization, management and safety of roads and motorways
  • submarine, electric and telecommunications cables
  • buildings, garages, sports halls, halls, schools, kindergartens.

Development activities are connected to the development of new products pursuant to market requirements in the following areas:

  • metal structures (overhead lines, lighting and flood-lighting poles, low-voltage transmission lines, gantries and railway poles, gantries and sign posts for the railway, traffic light poles, noise protection systems, dry marinas, solid and lattice towers for telecommunications, poles for advertising, poles for measuring equipment, sheds, warehouses, halls, steel garages, waste processing)
  • renewable energy sources (wind power plants, solar power plants, solar poles, structures for photovoltaic modules, geothermal energy, biomass, small hydro power plants).

Services in the area of renewable energy sources are related to:

  • consulting within the framework of developing projects for the construction of wind power plants, solar power plants, biomass/biogas powered facilities, small hydro power plants
  • measuring services on 50, 80 or 100 meter high measuring masts of our own production, collection and processing of data
  • assessment of the wind potential in an area of interest for the construction of a wind power plant
  • assessment of the solar potential in an area of interest for the construction of solar power plants
  • preparation of a feasibility study on the possibilities of generating electric energy from renewable sources
  • elaboration of conceptual solutions, as well as conceptual, main and detailed designs
  • elaboration of survey maps and conducting procedures to bring into compliance with spatial and environmental requirements
  • technical assessment of the connection of the power plant to the power grid
  • economic assessment and viability study of the project as a whole
  • elaboration of the complete documentation (financial analysis, testing of the facility and procuring all necessary permits up to the operating licence).

Other services:

  • consulting and professional supervision related to electric power industry, construction, architecture, geodesy and geology
  • elaboration of studies and analyses
  • topographic surveys and topographical surveying of transmission lines and data on the technical characteristics of transmission lines
  • elaboration of cadastral maps and cadastral registry
  • conducting of tasks related to government surveying and cadastral records of real estate
  • surveying works for special needs
  • surveying works for monitoring the construction of buildings
  • elaboration of geodetic studies for designs
  • elaboration of geodetic studies for registering buildings
  • “turnkey” solution for property-rights relations
  • engineering and geological research activities
  • hydrogeological research activities
  • geomechanical research activities
  • geomechanical supervision
  • validation for the planned building site (for building construction projects, engineering construction projects and water supply and sewer system projects), road projects, waterworks projects, foundations and other construction projects
  • validation for the planned electrical and technical area (electrical installations projects in buildings, electric power building projects, IT and telecommunication technology projects).

In addition to all of the above services, we are willing to adapt to your specific needs and requirements, as well as to offer you high quality, fast and professional service.