Projects for roads and motorways

One of the most significant and complex projects was designing of the electric power supply, the transfer of installations and the equipping of the Zagreb - Split - Dubrovnik motorway, the sections from Dugopolje to Ploče, which included elaboration of the conceptual, main and detailed designs:

  • 20 km 110 kV Ploče - Vrgorac transmission lines
  • 120 km MV cable lines
  • 70 km - transfer of overhead lines of all voltages, at the junction with the motorway
  • 60 km - reconstruction of 10(20) kV overhead lines
  • 112 km - optical cables
  • S/S 110/10(20) kV Vrgorac
  • S/S 110/10(20) kV Zagvozd
  • S/S 110/10(20) kV Ploče
  • reconstruction of S/S 110/35/20 kV Kraljevac
  • reconstruction of S/S 35/10(20) kV Klis
  • reconstruction of S/S Prančevići
  • S/S 10(20)/0.4 kV - approx. 25 units
  • lighting of all traffic junctions (5 units) and roadside service facilities (7 units), installations and tunnel equipment (5 units), toll stations (5 units).

Reconstruction of EPS* lines and EPS:

  • on the Zagreb - Split - Dubrovnik motorway, section: Ravča - Ploče 1
  • on the Beli Manastir - Osijek - Svilaj motorway, section: Beli Manastir - Osijek
  • on the Beli Manastir - Osijek - Svilaj motorway, section: Sredanci - B&H border
  • on the Zagreb - Split - Dubrovnik motorway, section: Doli - Dubrovnik
  • Sveta Klara Junction on the Bregana - Zagreb - Lipovac motorway
  • on the Pelješac Bridge with access road from the direction of Komarna.

Reconstruction of EPS lines, EPS and TC installations on the Zagreb - Sisak motorway, section: Lekenik - Sisak.

Reconstruction of EPS lines, EPS, lighting, telecommunications and tunnel equipment:

  • high-speed road Ploče Junction - FTS** Karamatići
  • Rijeka by-pass, section: Orehovica - Diračje
  • Sveti Ilija Tunnel (Biokovo) on the northern and southern access roads
  • Ravča Junction - Drvenik road, along with Drvenik Tunnel.

Reconstruction of EPS lines on the Istrian Y high-speed road, section: Pula - Pomer.

Reconstruction of EPS lines, TC installations and water pipelines at crossings with Istrian Y high-speed road.

Reconstruction of EPS lines, gas pipelines and water pipelines, EPS, lighting and telecommunications:

  • Mokrice - Andraševec high-speed road
  • Zabok - Krapina high-speed road.

EPS and reconstruction of high-voltage and lowvoltage transmission lines at crossings with the Beli Manastir - Osijek - Svilaj motorway, sections: Osijek - Đakovo and Đakovo - Sredanci.

As part of the above sections, we also made designs for the following projects:

  • S/S 110/10(20) kV Đakovo 3
  • S/S 110/20 kV Krapina - Bobovje
  • S/S 110/35 kV Oštarije
  • S/S 110/35 kV Obrovac
  • underground cable line 2x110 kV connection for S/S Đakovo 3
  • reconstruction of S/S 110/35/10 kV Beli Manastir
  • reconstruction of S/S 110/20(10) kV Donji Andrijevci
  • S/S 35/10(20) kV Sv. Rok Tunnel - north
  • S/S 35/10(20) kV Mala Kapela Tunnel - south
  • S/S 35/10(20) kV Drenovci
  • reconstruction of S/S 35/10(20) kV Krapina - Strahinje
  • S/S 35/10(35) kV Obrovac.

The project documentation for over 250 S/S 10/20(0.4) kV (250-1000 kVA) has been completed as part of projects for roads and motorways.

Dalekovod Projekt d.o.o. has, in cooperation with partners, completed project documentation for equipping motorways, roads and tunnels (designs for traffic, lighting, telecommunications, stand-by power supply, remote control system etc.).

* EPS - electric power supply

** FTS - frontal toll station